Now that we know one another a little better, it will be time for us to assess your wants and needs in a new home.

We will analyze parameters such as:

  1. Financial ability
  2. Necessary features of the home
  3. Number of children
  4. School needs for these children
  5. Maximum distance desired between home and work
  6. Whether you need to sell your current home in order to purchase here
  7. The speed in which you need to make your move
  8. Whether or not you need to have a temporary, short term rental home due to the immediacy of your move.

Only when armed with this information can we make informed decisions in our attempt to find you the perfect home in a short period of time. Simply waiting for you to arrive and arbitrarily showing you homes that may or may not be in line with your wants and needs, may be how most real estate firm handle relocation, but Dager & Dager likes to make this type of transaction as smooth as possible.